Socially Awakened — LIVING & LEARNING

To begin by asking myself this question , the unfortunate answer which i got back was that NO I AM NOT . Or to put it in a slightly refined way i am SELECTIVELY SOCIALLY AWAKENED , ie awake when it suits my sensibilities or when it matches my thought process .

Thinking back it was very disturbing to highlight so many areas , events and instances in my lifespan where i have been completely ( KNOWINGLY / UNKNOWINGLY) ignorant of the larger social picture only to satisfy my own narrower pursuits .


I can see a few of my acquaintances Cringe and also some others sharpen their pens / pencils to add rebuttals , acceptances to my writing . Some others are thinking , what is this a self pity trip ? Still others are feeling that having lived a life of  self indulgence is good old Sheel now trying for redemption )))))))…

Let me clarify it is none of the above and all of it at the same time . Paradoxical as it may sound we will all acknowledge that we all have a conscience ( albeit at most times asleep )  and we need a trigger to awaken it .  Mine seems to be waking up from a deep slumber over so many decades and the interesting thing for me to see is where will i be going with it ???

Why am i suddenly talking / writing about this … 

For starters i believe that so many like me have been silent for so long and maybe it is time for us to wake up .

Also to add to it i am of the firm belief that all of us , me definitely included can contribute to each others learning curve and what better way than a public ( Controlled ) platform to educate myself .

So at the risk of sounding self effacing i believe that for me at a personal level this is going to be a LONG learing  journey over which i invite all to join me and enrich my living and my learning …..


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