Easier Said than Done ……




Well a lot has been written over the past few decades on Global Warming and the dangers it poses to environment and to the earth at large ….


It has always been accepted that at sometime in the FUTURE there is going to be a crisis which at the very least will devastate our lifestyles and will forever change the face of mankind as we know it ….


I can see a lot of you saying out there one more ‘DOOMSAYER’

But here is an article actually giving a logical timeframe within which temperatures will forever rise and stay risen all across the globe ….



The year 2013 has been especially very obvious in nature giving us a GRIM warning on how the changes we humans have brought out will surely come back to haunt us .

Average temperatures have risen by at least 2 degrees in most major cities of the world .

We have unseasonal thunderstorms , devastating earthquakes and typhoons at a more superficial level ..


But at the more day to day level it is almost mid October and it is still raining in India . Maybe not a cause for worry except for the fact that it is destroying the crops and maybe forever changing CROP PATTERNS .


Well a lot has been written by various experts across the globe and I certainly do not qualify as one . But what this above piece of writing and findings does is that it clearly tells us that WHAT ALL OF US BELIEVED TO BE IN THE FUTURE is now actually here in the present . Maybe our succeeding generations and maybe even some of us will now face the brunt of all the rapacious acts of us and all our predecessors .


Is it reason to panic or is there still some hope ?


I feel and sincerely want to believe that yes there is some hope and that rests very much in our individual hands . Very often our individual thought process is that WHAT CAN I ALONE DO ? . but the situation is so desperate and collective action a pipe dream that we as strong individuals , representative of our families , social groups , work organizations or just plain as responsible citizens have to take note of the denudation being caused by our irresponsible plundering of MOTHER EARTH .


It is time for us to wake up , with eyes wide open proceed in a direction where we can salvage and then gradually , hopefully IMPROVE the condition of our Common mother to make it a habitable place for the generations to come.


I leave u all with a thought about the famous lines ‘ FOOTPRINTS on the SANDS OF TIME ..” I am sure none of us want these footprints to be bloodied and full of terror for future generations .

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One Response to Easier Said than Done ……

  1. Shweta says:

    Somehow I see this generation ,or rather our generation, the one who are in their 30’s trying to be more aware as regards the environment..
    And 1 thing I’am fully conscious of is, that the next generation at least is as far as we can mould them on the right track..
    Btw..is the GRIM future a take off on the grimm in Harry potter ..if so I loved the reference 😊

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