Hallo all … I have always ‘SHUNNED” expressing on a public platform , put it down to being introverted or plain dumb scared of being judged , take your pick , today i have broken the so called shackles and have decided to begin this BLOG …

My Expectations from this are not so much external , but more internal ….. there is so much to talk about , write about , but quiet often i have seen( me included ) we remain only on the fringes of most discussions , voicing a monosyllable here and there , but despite our own views seldom contributing to the discussion …..


This i believe purely stems from the fear of being judged and more appropriately the FEAR OF BEING CRITICIZED Publicly .

Well now i am here and am doing that … Do feel free to bring it on through your voices and opinions . Just a request be temperate in your words and sensitive in your thoughts and am sure this journey of BLOGGING will be enriched for all of us .

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One Response to ExpressSHUN

  1. Shweta says:

    Absolutely spot on ..sheel
    U have articulated ur thoughts brilliantly…wish I could do the same

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